Road Trip Dilemma


Every year we make a road trip to Wyoming & Nebraska… back to my roots you might say.  The main objective of the trip is to visit my grandma.  I can’t even type the word “grandma” without feeling a tingle of love travel through my body.  She is my rock. 


Along the way, we also get to visit many of my favorite relatives – aunts & uncles & cousins, plus hopefully stopping to enjoy a music festival.  This is such a strong tradition, in fact, that 3 years ago we had our wedding in the mountains of Wyoming and then danced the rest of the evening at the Big Horn Mountain Festival.  That was my way of introducing my new family to this tradition.



Most years, it’s just me & my two “originals” that make the trip.  My man has to work and the other kids either have other plans or are with their other parents for this portion of the summer.  This year I have a dilemna.  Our 7 year old girl wants to go.  Let me explain why this is sending me to my knees.


Our children have all blended very well, save 2 – my 13 year old son and this 7 year old girl.  These two tend to be oil and water, especially in a car.  I’ve decided it’s their similarities that make them constantly bicker.  They both love the spotlight and they both have a strong need to be right – ALL the time.  And of course, they love to pick on each other.  Neither will relent until tears or parental intervention, usually both.


So as the plans for this trip have come together, it was just sort of a given that she would stay home with dad, or go back to her moms (she’s been with us all of July).

Then last night she realized, “hey, why don't I go on the trip? July isn't over yet”.   Now the question falls to me.  Do I drive 13+ hours straight with these 2 children as my companions? 

Will we make it through Kansas without my head spinning completely around as I threaten to make them walk (for the 30th time)?  Will I become the wicked witch?

Or, could this be a bonding experience that we will treasure in days & years to come?

(In case you’re wondering, my other son is already there & we’ll pick him up for the trip back)


I must admit, I was really looking forward to miles and miles with just my 13 year old.  We love to sing show tunes together, and I was hoping this long drive would give him a chance to open up and talk.  Those chances come less and less often these days.  So will taking our girl prevent this mother-son time, or will she add a new excitement to the adventure?


I’d love to hear your comments.  Either way, the decision must be made in the next 2 days.  Be watching the blog or my Facebook to find out what happens.


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  • 7/22/2013 6:46 PM Ed Frady wrote:
    Prayer is always a wise start of any event in our lives. I expect God wouldn't have put that little girl in your life unless He knew you were strong and wise enough to cope and help her grow. Never try to replace a parent, but love her and treat her as though she is your daughter. I did and do..
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  • 7/22/2013 7:36 PM Becky wrote:
    It would be difficult to trade quality time with my son for a chance at a good time with a sweet little girl who is somewhat ambivalent about the trip. I would likely promise to take her to lunch and shopping (girl time) soon. Have fun, friend!
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  • 7/22/2013 7:37 PM Anne wrote:
    This is a tough one, but after thinking about it all day I believe that you deserve your time with your son. Can you come up with something for Khloe that will make her feel like she is not being left out? Maybe a trip later on with her dad - just the two of them.
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